Psychologist for children 8-9 years old
Every child's age is special, it has its own psychology. As their child grows up, parents have to solve new questions. In order to make it easier to raise a…

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Career guidance for school children
There is no doubt that it is necessary to determine the profession. I want to choose the right UNIVERSITY, attend additional classes that will not only be interesting, but also…

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Parent resource-where can I take care of myself and my child during quarantine?
Today, Russia and the world have a difficult situation in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. A quarantine has been declared, children have been transferred to home schooling, and parents are…

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Encouragement and punishment of children

Why is it important to talk about punishments?
The question of punishing children in the family sooner or later rises before every parent. That is why we decided to approach this topic as a team, listen to everyone and draw conclusions.

There can be a huge number of opinions about encouragement and punishment.

“I grew up, and I was beaten with a belt, but everything was clear”, so you need to beat;
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Communication with a teenager-tips for parents

How to communicate with a teenager-tips from a psychologist
The question of how to communicate with teenagers is important to many parents. After all, these are no longer children, but not yet adults. How to find a common language with them, to agree, to be able to grow a real personality. Who better to tell how to communicate with adolescent children than they are?

Our young author, Elizabeth, 14 years old, shared her thoughts on this issue. And the coach of the center K. O. T. – their experience and practical recommendations for parents.

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9 ideas to do for a teenager in the summer

Summer for teenagers-a problem or an opportunity?
It would seem that everything is fine! Just do what you want! But no…. “What should a teenager do in the summer?”- this question is asked not only by schoolchildren, students, but also by parents who need their child to be busy.
My name is Nastya, I am 17 years old. And for me, as for many of my peers, the summer months are a long-awaited time and the most favorite time of the year. In this article, I want to share with you ideas and thoughts on how to spend this time interesting and useful, so that you are proud of yourself and happy with your vacation! Continue reading

Conflicts between parents and children
Conflicts between parents and children are always very unpleasant. They often create a tense atmosphere at home, lead to long-term resentment and deterioration of family relations. In this article, we…


Memory development in adolescents
Mindfulness and memory in the modern world It is very important to talk about the development of memory in adolescents. There is so much information that the main question is…


Career guidance for teenagers
How do you find out among the variety of professions in a world where specialties quickly become irrelevant, and the choice is so large?You need to choose a profession. It…


The psychology of adolescents 13 years of age
At 13, adolescence is in full swing. The body and attitude to it changes, active separation from parents begins, in the language of psychology, "separation". Many past beliefs have been…