Poor memory in a child
Poor memory in children is not uncommon. What should parents do if they notice problems with their child's memory? First, we should say that this is not a verdict, as…

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What to do if a teenager falls into a bad company-tips for parents
All parents strive to give their child the best. We want our child to get a good education, a prestigious job, and live a full and carefree life. But not…

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Psychology of a child 7 years old
Age 7 8 years is considered one of the main turning points in the life of a boy or girl. Now you should pay special attention to the child and…

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Conflicts of adolescents

Adolescence is a difficult time for both the parent and the child. Conflicts between parents and teenagers are not infrequently reflected in all further relationships. In this article, we will look at the main types of conflicts and ways to solve them.

What are the main conflicts that arise in adolescence?
Between teenagers and parents
Conflict of unstable parental perception
The child is no longer small,but not an adult. The specifics of this conflict are the same. In some ways, your teen can remain a child: untidy, restless, unrestrained, and in some ways present themselves as an adult, criticize, demand that they be respected. Continue reading

Communication with a teenager-tips for parents

How to communicate with a teenager-tips from a psychologist
The question of how to communicate with teenagers is important to many parents. After all, these are no longer children, but not yet adults. How to find a common language with them, to agree, to be able to grow a real personality. Who better to tell how to communicate with adolescent children than they are?

Our young author, Elizabeth, 14 years old, shared her thoughts on this issue. And the coach of the center K. O. T. – their experience and practical recommendations for parents.

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Time management for school children

What is time management?
Translated from English, it means the art of time management.

It is not enough to be able to manage time. It is important that your actions are effective.

Thanks to time management, you can learn to use your time wisely and work more productively.

Time distribution and what does it have to do with school children
Anyone needs to learn how to plan their time. You need to learn time management. Just take it for granted. Why? It’s very simple.

The human brain is so designed that if we just “keep in mind” the right things, some of them we transfer to later. Continue reading

The psychology of adolescents 13 years of age
At 13, adolescence is in full swing. The body and attitude to it changes, active separation from parents begins, in the language of psychology, "separation". Many past beliefs have been…


Emotions and feelings of teenagers
Today we will talk about the role that emotion plays in the lives of teenagers. What you need to know about emotions Starting the conversation, it is worth saying that…


Child psychologist
When you need a child psychologist Raising a child is not an easy family task. Being a parent is not only a great joy, but also a great job. And…


Children's career guidance
It is not surprising, but only at a younger age, children can tell with full confidence about the place of their future work. And then begins the "cycle of professions…