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Professions for children

One of the most important tasks of a person is to realize himself. Most people define a profession in their Teens, but in order for the choice to be correct, it is worth thinking about this question much earlier.

When children start thinking about their profession

5-7 years old
Kids see that their parents “go to work”. They begin to get acquainted with the professions and, of course, at least become someone. At this age, children want to become policemen, soldiers, or spies. It may be true that this is the future role of the baby in life, but most likely it is not their real desires. Rather, I like the name, or someone who works in this specialty. Or just want something “heroic”.
8-10 years old
Younger schoolboy. Usually, the Outlook at this age is broader than in the previous paragraph, and the list of interesting jobs is joined by engineers, actors or scientists. In other words, they are famous, smart, and respected people.
11-13 years old
Young adolescent. At this age, children begin to think about the choice seriously, wait for career guidance or try some work in practice themselves. Already there is a desire to really try, choose, experiment. I want to learn more about my abilities and aptitudes.
14-15 years old
Exams are coming up, you have to learn. And already you can and want to start working, earn money. At this age, most teenagers are determined with the desired profession and try it out, or get knowledge in this field. This is necessary in order to make a decisive choice after school. How do you know if your specialty is suitable for you if you don’t delve deeper into it, don’t try it in practice?
16-18 years old
The time of the last decision before the Institute, and most have already decided on a profession. Either they were confirmed in their choice, or they changed their mind and chose another one.
It happens when a teenager is still undecided where to go, and this leads astray, makes everything incomprehensible.
That is, in order for the choice of specialty to go “smoothly”, you need to go through everything in stages. To think, to try, to experiment.
It is good that now there are many options for career guidance, where you can learn more about yourself and existing professions. Such courses significantly facilitate the task of determining the future specialty.

Types of professions that are interesting for children:
“Classic” professions.
Classic doesn’t mean boring. These include:

Such as: physicist, mathematician, biologist or astronomer.

For example, an artist, actor, or musician.

These include: economist, Manager

Related to animals and nature.
Veterinarian, dog handler, ecologist, or breeder.

Related to people and communication.
Psychologist, teacher, recruitment Manager.

Sports ” specialties
Coach, athlete, football player.

Related to treatment
Doctor, ENT, dentist, or pediatrician.

“New” professions that entered our life not so long ago
Unusual professions include:

ESports player, programmer, or robot engineer.

Related to movies and music
Screenwriter, costume designer, composer.

Socially useful
Event Manager, volunteer.

Very exotic
A taster, poison digger, nanny, critic, or even a penguin flipper!
Of course, the list did not include all possible specialties, and not all categories, but the main ones were distributed.

“Professions of the future»

They are not yet available, but according to the Atlas of new professions, they will soon appear and replace our modern specialties

How and what to briefly tell your child about professions
Tell them how important it is for each person to have a specialty. A mandatory point for the child to understand why they need a profession and become interested in searching for it.
Introduce you to a variety of specialties. It can be shown that almost all the usual things can be made a profession, the main thing is that this activity was liked. You can walk or cut your dog’s hair (grooming), talk about books (reviewing), or play in plays (acting).
Talk about the importance of interest in work the Key to a cheerful Wake-up on Monday – love for work. So it is possible and even necessary to convince the student of the need to love work. What does it mean, not “love what you don’t love”, but “do what you love”?
Set an example! One of the most important points. A child will want to work if their parents love their work. He needs someone to look up to, and a good example will help a lot.
Playing is the best way to show something in practice. There are special themed games, such as Kaleidoscope of professions, where you can learn about different specialties and their features, or even try them out for yourself.
Visit the “city of professions” for children in Moscow and many other cities there are such places – “Kidburg”, “Masterslavl”, “Kidzania” – where you can try different work in practice. It’s not just reading a description or listening to stories about who you can work with! And you will have a great time, and learn a lot of new things.
What professions can children try today?
A small caveat – you can only really work from the age of 14, but you can always do a hobby or just try.

Computer specialties Almost every house now has a computer, and many children like to play computer games. That’s why it’s so easy to become an eSports player-learn how to play and start participating in tournaments! To become a programmer, you need a little more-to pass special training. But in reality, a child can create websites themselves!
Journalism, article creation and copywriting you can write feature articles for websites and publications. Here you need to have literacy and the ability to write essays. And also-to study materials and find information. But that’s what they teach in school, right? You can even promote social networks. networks and smm! But this is already more difficult for older guys.
Creative specialties Need a little-the desire to work and a minimum of materials. You can make original crafts and things. The demand for such specialists and unique, hand-made things is great, and it is unlikely that it will ever disappear. So you can count on a good amount of work and excellent demand.
Cooking Baking cakes, cupcakes and all sorts of Goodies – why not?
Social activities in most cases do not even need materials – everything is there! Desire and society are what it takes to be a psychologist, organizer, volunteer, or teacher. High school students can teach classes for younger children, work as a counselor. There are many possibilities.
And this is not all the possibilities – in fact, a child can try a lot and get experience as a child! You only need the desire, ideas and support of parents!

Of course, there are “serious” specialties – they are available only with age and education. For example, a doctor or scientist. But nothing prevents you from doing them as a hobby already in your Teens: to study information, to be interested in the treatment of cough, temperature and the causes of their appearance, to study the description of drugs to create and prove hypotheses and come up with new projects for space flight or nano technologies.

What do teenagers say – what specialties are popular today?
Gamer or eSports player.
It is hard not to notice that the Internet and computer play an important role in our lives. And it is important for teenagers to realize themselves and love their work. And for some, eSports is perfect. The task is simple – play computer games, fight with players and win tournaments. I repeat, eSports is the best option for teenagers who like to play on the computer, because they pay for winning tournaments!
Another “computer” profession, but more difficult to master. You need to know not only the usual foreign language, but also special programming languages like Java or Python. However, it is popular because of the high demand. After all, almost everything is programmed – from robots to phones! And what will the future hold for us?
The specialty of designer is more popular among girls. Only drawing skills and good taste are required, and the prospect of creating your own fashion clothes attracts many. In addition, there is a chance to become a famous and (or) rich person. And some are willing to devote themselves to it.
Pretty predictable, isn’t it? However, most teenagers prefer to open their own business, and not go to work every day. However, even here there are disadvantages – you need courage, willpower, motivation, knowledge in Economics and, of course, a sincere desire.
How do teenagers make choices – what criteria are important?
Today, everywhere we hear about freedom, self-actualization, and so on. Of course, the children themselves are not indifferent to these words. And that’s great. This is what is important in the future work of the younger generation.

Love to work. A mandatory criterion for the choice of the future. Most teenagers, like me, prefer to love their future job and work with joy, work not because they need to, but because they want to.
It’s strange enough, but it’s true. It is unlikely that someone is an artist, knowing about their disgusting taste, or a doctor, if they are afraid of blood. You can develop these abilities most often if you work hard. On the one hand, it is good to rely on your own strengths. But, unfortunately, many of the teenagers reject the desired profession due to the fact that “there is no talent”, “everyone will do better”. But almost everywhere, to become successful, you will have to work on yourself, and the difficulties and lack of talent are sometimes just far-fetched. Here, self-esteem and upbringing received in childhood play a big role – to be able to believe in your own strength is also a talent that needs to be developed.
It is very Difficult to be a programmer if you live in a village without Internet. You probably don’t even know who a programmer is. It’s a shame, because a country boy could have been a good IT employee, but instead became a welder. Maybe not bad, but it didn’t make him happy.

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