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Psychology of 14-year-olds

For teenagers 13 14 years – the period of active adulthood. This is a time of psychological and physiological changes.

Boys and girls at 14 years of age: physiological features
A boy at this age is actively growing – over the summer, he can become taller by 10 cm.
Rapid growth can be dangerous – organs sometimes do not have time to grow at the same speed, and the spine is sufficiently strengthened to cope with the new load.

If your son is growing fast – keep a close eye on his health, more attention should be paid to sports – physical activity develops a muscular corset.

Also, boys have a restructuring of the body – the voice begins to break, there may be an increase in sweating and the appearance of skin problems on the face.

Now you need to pay attention to hygiene, choose the right cosmetics. Otherwise, it is easy to get psychological  with self-esteem..

The difference with friends becomes noticeable – not all boys develop in the same way.
Some reach puberty, others do not, often two friends in the class have different heights: one is already tall, and the other is not yet grown.

There is nothing wrong with this, everything will change over time – it is important that the student understands this.

The appearance of the girls is changing even more – they stretched, take on feminine forms, many start to gain weight or to lose weight. Most often, girls are not happy with their appearance – no matter what happens to them.

Low self-esteem is a common problem for girls aged 14.

Someone is irritated by the angularity of their body, someone is not happy with large Breasts.
There is a lot of sediment for appearance care – they now have to wash their hair every day because of the active work of the sebaceous glands. Can also, as well as boys have problems with the skin on the face. For some, this is the time of the beginning of menstruation, and now you need to carefully monitor your own hygiene.

Help your daughter choose the right cosmetics, teach her to take care of herself. You need to explain that she is growing up, changing. It is very important for a girl to be beautiful, neat and well-groomed. This is not only the health and appearance of the girl, it is the basis of self-confidence.

Not yet adults, but no longer children – how to declare yourself?

The biggest problem of this age is determining your place in society, and in General – in life.

You realize that you are no longer a child, but at the same time, adults do not yet treat you as an equal and continue to perceive you as before. It’s a shame.

To assert themselves, teenagers often start using “not the best” methods. Boys often begin to smoke, drink alcohol, behave provocatively, and attract attention to themselves of the opposite sex. To look older than their years, girls wear bright makeup, can get tattoos or piercings, can pick up cigarettes or afford alcohol.

Many teenagers believe that adulthood will give them bold behavior, rudeness, aggression and bad habits.

Unfortunately, this is the behavior of those students who do not know how to Express themselves in any other way.

It is important for a child to understand that the indicatoren changes in the child’s behavior! Anyone can become a victim of bullying classmates.
First aid in such cases – do not put pressure on the child for “bad” behavior and unwillingness to learn. Look for the reason, speak. If you feel that you are not coping, you can always contact a teenage psychologist.
Aggressive behavior.
This is the downside of bullying. There are always those who find “outcasts” and begin to mock. You can’t turn a blind eye to this. First, the situation can always turn around, and the one who attacked will become a victim, and secondly-this is a quality of character that takes root and will go with a person through life. And third – the attacker is often just weak and doesn’t feel valued. So he’s just trying to assert himself.
A student who has leadership skills should be able to use them correctly. And understanding your own value should be achieved in other ways – through self-belief, parental support, and achievement.
It may happen that your child does not bully others, but at the same time is in the “retinue of the leader” of the class. As a rule, this is due to cowardice and their own immaturity, the desire to be with the “strong”. This kind of relationship is also depressing.
Communicate with the child, try to be aware of events that occur at school and among his friends, but do not arrange an interrogation – this will only alienate the teenager you.
Children’s relationships with their parents deteriorate.
Selfishness is typical for teenagers, they are often dissatisfied with their social status and family status. Boys are less likely to want to look like dads and choose gamers as idols. Girls – beautiful actors, musicians. Now-the period of separation from the family, leaving for society. This will pass, the moment will come, and the teenager will again become closer to you.
Now it is important to maintain a trusting relationship, communicate, perceive the opinion of a teenager, and respect their interests.
Otherwise, the child can prove his “independence” in every possible way, try to defiantly ignore the rules and the opinion of parents. After all, any devaluation of its interests is now perceived as a disaster.
Age of confusion
Unclear place in society, family and school problems, unhappy or unrequited love, bullying by classmates, uncertainty in the future, lack of goals-all this affects the psyche of a 14-15-year-old student. Often teenagers stop seeing the colors of life, feel “cornered”, and some are even prone to depression. This is an age when everything is uncertain and strange, a teenager needs to build a picture of the world around him and find a comfortable place for himself.
What good can happen at 14?
Thoughts about the future.
Feeling like an adult, a teenager begins to think about his life: choose a profession, strive to earn money, help his family, and improve himself.
The emergence of experience.
Many guys, after going through difficulties, become strong personalities, begin to understand themselves and people well.
New opportunity.
A teenager at this age can spend time much more interesting than in childhood: ride a scooter, skate, go Hiking, engage in new sports. HE can become a volunteer, win competitions, try out for business.
What do teenagers think about their age at fourteen?
“I am studying at a choreographic school. I am grateful to my parents for bringing me here! I believe that it is dance and sports that can change the fate of a little person, not only physically, but also spiritually. If you are seriously engaged, the child’s world changes one hundred percent. I came to the school as one person, but now I am completely different. Any tasks and goals are subject to me. I’m not someone who doesn’t break down at the first sign of trouble. Hard work, responsibility, respect for yourself and others, love for music and body plastics-all this was given to me by my favorite teachers and friends. There is an opinion that all ballerinas are competitors in relation to each other. In fact, this is not the case. We do one thing in common – we create the art of dance.»
“When a boy or girl has a community where they have a good status and business, where they feel successful, while also feeling the support of their parents-they often feel confident and happy.»
How to help a teenager-tips for parents and teenagers

of adulthood is the ability to see the goal and achieve their goals in life, to take responsibility for themselves and their own actions.

Parents need to accept that it is better to consider the interests of the child and perceive it as an equal. If he participates in important family councils, consider his opinion when making decisions. So a teenager will feel their own importance among their relatives and their importance at home.

Frequent problems in 14-year-olds –what bad things can happen?
Unfortunately, this phenomenon exists. It often starts because of inequality and is aimed at those who are not like the others. Moreover, anyone can become the object of attacks from so. It happens that a very cheerful and active child suddenly closes in on himself, often cries, refuses to go to school.
We advise parents to immediately pay attention to sudd

Parenting tips for parents
Do not ignore or devalue his problems – for you, adults, this is a funny situation, but for him-a matter of life!
You will be a reliable support – in a world that is not clear, there is a home where people appreciate, love and understand. Love their children. It is important.
Talk to your teen, understand and accept it. Remember that adolescence is difficult for everyone, but it will pass.
Appreciate their contribution, aspirations, attempts to work and be independent, often communicate with them heart to heart.
Do not ignore his performances, competitions are important events in the life of a teenager, show interest in them. etc.
Teach a teenager to make a plan for a day or month, allocate time and set goals – this helps to restore order in the head, and it is very important for a teenager.
Buy him a notebook with the words ” If you don’t want to talk to anyone, write it down here.”
Read one common book, watch movies together-so that we can discuss it later.
Consult with them more often and trust them with responsible household chores.
Tips for teenagers – how to make your life better:

Communicate more in real life – the phone and computer will not replace communication
Take control of your life: plan ahead for a day, week, month, and learn to set goals.
Improve your relationships with friends and learn to listen to your parents.
Learn to do more in less time.
Try to find a balance between school, Hobbies, family, friends, and set priorities.
Think about your mission in life.

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