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Raising a child at 11 years old

How quickly children grow up. One of the most interesting, intense and at the same time difficult periods is adolescence. This is on average from 11 to 18 years old-boys and girls, and just different children have different ages. Today we will analyze the features of 11 years, learn the advice of experts, talk about how to raise your child and how to behave to parents when a student is 11 years old.

About raising a boy 11 years old
How important it is to raise a man who is able to stand up not only for himself, but also for his family and loved ones in the future.

This is a period when there is a transformation, restructuring of the body, active growth. When a boy of 11 years old needs to “be” with the child, so that he is not afraid of everything that happens to him and his body.

Children during this period often become restless, nervous and generally behave differently from before. It is at this stage that parents need to be patient and pay more attention to their child, especially a boy by the age of 11.

The boy’s parents need to remember that:
He becomes a man-cultivate now the qualities that you want to see in the future
Learn to take responsibility for yourself
Don’t expect complete frankness – just be there and let us talk to you
Boys can cry! The “ban on emotions” is very dangerous, you never know how the resentment or anger hidden somewhere deep will manifest
He needs an example, a father, or, if there is no one, a “significant person of his own sex” – who will tell about the processes of rebuilding the body, will be able to guide him correctly.
A boy of 11 years old is still a child, do not try to “load” him with responsibilities. Everything should be in accordance with age and capabilities..

What to pay attention to when a child is 11 years old
How much attention do you pay to a teenager?
To communicate means to keep the trust between you

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find time for conversations in the modern world, but…

There is always time, just every moment you make a choice – what is more important now. just think about how important the time spent with your child is, how much happiness it can bring now and how much good it can do in the future.

It is important to communicate in order to know what is happening in your child’s life. So as not to lose touch and warm relations. Even now, the child may not tell you a lot – it is inconvenient to discuss something with their parents, this is normal. Further-there will be more such topics.
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The child is growing up, he has a lot of questions: what and how it works, why it feels like this. Help your child find answers to questions. The student will understand his condition, and from this calm.

If you don’t know the answer, find it together. Your thoughts and, in extreme cases, the Internet will help.

Deservedly praise-to form self-confidence and desire to achieve success

Praise, but only for the cause. Otherwise, your praise will become empty words, or he will form an inflated self-esteem, in which case your student will decide that everything is good and will not strive to achieve the best results

Spend time together

This is a great opportunity to understand it better, to get to know it.

Recently, I went with my son to buy skates that he wanted so much. This was our first trip together in a long time. During this time, I learned a lot about my son, he is completely different for me… I realized that I spend too much time at work, and so many important events happen in my son’s life.

Time for a child can always be found – BUT-it also needs to be PLANNED.
This is an important matter that needs special attention. After all, if you SUDDENLY decide to spend time with your child, he may have other plans. In other words, you need to agree on joint leisure time.

Who does the student communicate with?
The formation of a communication contingent is an important task. Clubs, sections, and trainings are not only useful for personal development and life skills. This is communication with peers and expanding the circle of acquaintances. Ability to train communication skills with other people.

With whom to communicate, and with whom-not-the choice of your boy or girl. But there must be a choice. And when the circle of acquaintances is organic school and a couple of childhood friends, there is no one to choose from.

It is not necessary to point out who he is friends with. You can just give him advice and your recommendation. But if this is clearly bad company for a schoolchild, such communication is still best avoided.

Physiological feature
Active growth

A change in growth begins, especially in 11-year-old boys – they stretch very quickly and rapidly and gain weight after that. Many complaints are received about pain in the knees or other parts of the body.

Because the bones, the skeleton, begin to grow, and the body itself, it does not keep up and because of this all these pain signals occur.

Skin problems

Appearance of rashes, pimples. Now the active work of the sebaceous glands begins – this is normal. The number of rashes also depends on genetics, because someone has a lot of them, and someone may not have them at all.

Explain to the teenager that this is normal and it goes away, if this problem is very disturbing, contact a dermatologist.

Fast fatigability

This is the period when Teens may not be getting enough vitamins. He is constantly hungry, sleepy, and tired quickly. Growth and changes in the body take a lot of energy, plus he learns a lot.

This age is characterized by a deterioration of attention and memory, the ability to concentrate.

Courses on attention development will teach you how to structure information – so it will be easier for him to remember the necessary information and easier to learn.

It is necessary to organize a teenager’s daily routine, a balanced diet, be sure to include physical activity and time for rest in his life.

Another option for working with attention is courses on developing thinking and intelligence. There are more classes here, they are regular, but they make it possible to work systematically with the student.

Psychological feature


Children at this age are often emotional, sensitive, or shy. Parents should be patient, because any criticism, remark can turn into a protest and quarrel.

It is very important what the atmosphere of the house is. It affects the behavior and in particular the psychological state of the teenager. The house is a reliable rear.

However, just wait for the ” pass” is not worth it. You need to teach the student to understand their emotions and correctly Express them. This can be done in emotional intelligence courses.
The desire to assert yourself

Feel the success, your own importance. Get proof that you’re worth something.

It is important to feel support not only from parents, but also from peers – their opinion gradually comes to the fore.

It is important to find a hobby where the student will be successful. This can be a circle or a section-choose together what they will like.

Ideally, by the age of 11, the student has already tried a lot of classes, and now you can stop and develop in a certain area.

One of the options is training. Here the child will receive psychological literacy skills, peer support and a coach, and will be able to solve important issues in a safe environment.

Your reflection
Don’t forget that the child is your mirror. Children, consciously or not, absorb everything like a sponge. At this age, parents continue to strongly influence the formation of personality. It will repeat your movements, gestures, most likely your habits.

The boy sees how the father behaves with children and with mother, what his duties at home are, and learns to do the same. The girl will be as neat as her mother.

Therefore, be an example that you can look up to and must look up to.

What skills should a child develop at the age of 11
Informed choice

There comes a time when you have to choose between something and something.

It’s normal when it’s hard at first. Often the student feels insecure. You, the parent, can help to move this period more calmly, explaining and helping to make independent choices.

To learn how to choose, you need to start doing it and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Explain that life is a series of choices, that there is always a choice, and that decision – making depends only on it. Say that error is a part of life, and there are no people who always make only the right actions.

Responsibility for yourself
Of course, according to the law, the boy or girl will bear full responsibility for himself only from 18, but even at such a young age, he is responsible for his actions, and no one else.

He is responsible for his actions or inaction, not someone else!

Explain that shifting responsibility to another person is bad for the other person, and especially for yourself. You have to respect yourself and be honest.


There comes a period when the child begins to say: “I am myself.” Parents need to let him go into the world in time. He will continue on his own – on his own. Of course, this process should be gradual.

You need to teach yourself to choose clothes, get ready for school, do homework, clean the room, if there are Pets – take care of them and do a lot of things that occur in everyday life.

You can ask a student for help – show that they are already capable of much!

Advice from psychologists on raising a child 11 years old
The child strives for independence, but is afraid to be alone-do not limit it, do not insist on help and will be near
He checks the boundaries – what he can do and what he can do. Gradually expand the boundaries of its capabilities.
Authority gradually becomes peers, this is a normal process. You will not survive, the teenager loves you, just now such a stage of development. Teenagers are very poorly developed in criticism – I believe everything that their peers say about them is true.

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