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Parent resource-where can I take care of myself and my child during quarantine?

Today, Russia and the world have a difficult situation in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. A quarantine has been declared, children have been transferred to home schooling, and parents are working from home. Psychologists of the center of K. O. T. conducted a broadcast in order to support parents and give practical advice on how to properly build relationships in the family in this new situation for all.

The psychologists of the center of K. O. T.-Natalia Lomilina, Anna B Gorskaya, Maria Gololobova and Natalia Vizer on March 27 held a broadcast on this topic to discuss important topics and support parents.

Watch the full version of the broadcast on YouTube.

Practical advice from psychologists – how to behave at home with a child during the quarantine period.
Recognize that this situation is completely new. Many people are now anxious and unclear. No one has the experience or skills to live in a quarantined environment. We’ll have to study together. And this is NORMAL.
Reduce the requirements for yourself and your child. It will be difficult to be as effective as before in the new conditions. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. But now it is important to allow yourself to demand less from yourself and from the child. Distance learning and work for many is a new type of activity, it is different. It takes time to adapt to it.
Parents are a support FOR the child, without you it will be very difficult and incomprehensible for the child. Children, the younger they are, the more important it is, need boundaries, rules, and a regime.
It is important that parents are firm – that is, if you have agreed that mom is working now, then mom is working. You do not need to go on about the child’s persuasions to “change your mind” and play now. But it should be clearly understood after what time the parent will be able to devote time to joint classes.

Now everything is different-tell the child that now you need to adopt NEW rules that need to be followed now.
It is necessary to develop a daily ROUTINE that both children and parents will observe. For a child, this is simply necessary in a new environment to learn, relax, communicate with parents and develop.
Practical exercises – how to create comfort at home during the quarantine period.
Take a large vatman, write with the whole family what you would like to devote time to during the quarantine period. Each family member should note what is necessary for them.
Develop new RULES and daily ROUTINE. You can write it, draw it, or make it as convenient for you. Do not make it very hard – mark the main reference points.
For each day, make a list of things you plan to do – both you and the child. At the end of the day, mark what you’ve done.
Be sure to praise yourself with what you’ve done.
This exercise – writing a to-do list and praising yourself-is successfully used in confidence and time management training. Now is a great time to work on this skill. It will be useful not only during the quarantine period, but also in the future.

Children’s age characteristics – what is important for them?
It is important for children aged 6-8 to play.
The game activity is the leading one for them. Of course, parents can not, and should not spend all their time at home playing with the child.

The ideal option is if the child will have interesting things to do for the day, which he will do on his own, and then-share the result and receive praise from parents.

To solve this issue, the training center of K. O. T. has developed an ONLINE course “Journey to the fairy forest”. During the week, the child will create their own world-a fairy-tale forest, and live together with its inhabitants exciting adventures. Every day of the course, a psychologist will work with children and give them tasks for the day. By completing tasks, the child will develop logic, creative thinking, and learn to find ways out of complicated situations. The tasks include elements of TRIZ and diagnostics.

At the end of the course, the psychologist will conduct a consultation for parents, where he will tell in detail about the psychological state of the baby, its features, and give practical recommendations on how to communicate with it and what to pay attention to. To learn more about the program, follow this link.

For children aged 9-11, it is important to maximize their opportunities and interests.
That is, to try, experiment, and learn new skills. Support them during the quarantine period will help new classes-let the child try to sew, draw, learn new games, learn dancing. A parent can deal with it, or offer online training programs for a new skill.

It is important for teenagers aged 12-14 and 15-17 to communicate.
Communication is a leading activity for them. And communication with parents is not enough. It is important to allow them to communicate with friends, but so that this does not turn into a permanent “hang in the gadget”- to determine a clear time for this communication.

ONLINE trainings for teenagers will also be an excellent support for teenagers. This is not a study at all. Yes, children are now learning ONLINE, but training is something else entirely. This is an opportunity to get a new skill, communicate with peers and support from a psychologist. That is, now you can “usefully” use the need of a teenager to communicate. He will get a skill, find friends, get support. You can choose ONLINE trainings for teenagers during quarantine at this link.

The older a teenager is, the less control they require, the more they need personal space and independence.

Remember about the personal space of a teenager! It is also not easy for him, he needs the opportunity to live “his life”, have secrets, communicate with friends!

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