Raising a child at 11 years old
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Developing leadership skills in a child

Today we will discuss an important and interesting topic of leadership development in a child. Conversations about this are especially popular in recent years – there is a boom in terms of books about leadership skills, countless articles and discussions on a number of forums, conversations among themselves in parent, teacher, psychological, and many other circles.

Parents who care about the well-being of their children are ringing all the bells – how do I make my child a leader?! Instill in him at last the very qualities of a leader!

But the understanding of why this leadership is for a child and what it will give and in the end, most people do not have.

Leadership has become a kind of trend.

All about one thing – leadership, motivation, personal effectiveness – but what this is about and what our children have to do with it, remains a question that few people know the answer to.

What is leadership?
And yet, what is leadership? I will try to describe in as much detail as possible the meaning of this term, which is very important for the subsequent understanding of the main part of the article, and give General theoretical information about it.

Generally speaking, leadership is the ability to exert any influence on a person or group of people, used to achieve certain goals due to personal qualities.

In any group, leaders are formal and informal.

Formal leadership-the story is more about power.

In the informal, the leader’s abilities, authority and trust in him, and the level of emotional connection in the team come to the fore. In a word, “psychological advantages”.

People are not forced to make a choice, it happens by itself.

7 main qualities of a leader:
Activity – the ability to show your energy
Initiative – one of the “variations” of the previous paragraph, but more creative-generating and offering different ideas, readiness to go forward
Sociability, openness-readiness and even more the need to interact with people
Independence – the ability to take responsibility and solve many issues
Perseverance – a manifestation of willpower, perseverance, the ability to bring the job started to the end, this can also be attributed to some extent and performance
Organization – the ability to correctly plan your time for the necessary ” front of work»
Self-control – the ability to control yourself, your desires, emotions, behavior, especially in stressful situations
Working on these personal qualities at least makes a person a little better than they are.

As a maximum, it turns you from, let’s say, an “ordinary person” into someone who is able to see a little further, a little more, understand people, make the right conclusions in certain life circumstances, and therefore be a leader.

Who needs to be a leader?
Well, now we turn to the most interesting thing: what does it have to do with children in General, how does this relate to them?

After all, these are such adult concepts-leadership, efficiency, organization… Terms related to adult life … Like.

In fact, this is not just about adults.

All the adults in my childhood were kids.

You need to tell children about adult life. And even better – to show examples in my life.

But before you do this, remember one important thing: not every child is able to be a leader, and not everyone needs it.

Imagine what would happen if everyone was a leader?…

So even if a child can be a leader, they don’t always become one. And the presence of leadership abilities in childhood is not always shown, so do not panic if you do not find them in your child.

However, it is worth emphasizing the development of a number of skills that are typical for leaders. In the future, they will help him-both in leadership and in life-is worth it.

They must be brought up every day, in the family. However, a reliable way to develop these very qualities – courses for children to develop the necessary skills for future life.

Children’s leadership: age-related nuances

Sometimes it is more difficult for leaders to survive crises than for their peers.

What should parents do? Explain that you will never be good for everyone, you need to remember your desires, and what is important to you.

It is important for parents to distinguish the manifestation of leadership qualities from attempts to manipulate you

For a child with leadership abilities, it is rarely characteristic to throw tantrums in attempts to achieve something. Although, much depends on the upbringing. It dominates not only at home, but also in kindergarten and school. He does not try to stand out in any sophisticated way, but at the same time is noticeable among the other guys.

The first manifestations of leadership can be seen at the age of approximately 3 years. Especially if the child goes to kindergarten. He strives for independence, organizes children, at the children’s level, but still. He is observant, easy to communicate and shows initiative, he is loved in the group. Kindergarten is the first place where a child finds himself in society.

It is important to notice the makings of a leader in time and start developing them. And work on them. Since if you do not control the development of the individual, all the leadership qualities in the future may manifest themselves from the worst side.

5-7 years – the time of transition from kindergarten to school, where leadership qualities are beginning to manifest themselves more clearly.

It is important to remember that teachers sometimes appoint a “class commander” on their own for various reasons. And another child can become an informal leader. As in adult life.

In adolescence, managing a certain number of people becomes more difficult – this is a very ambiguous period in everyone’s life. And first of all, psychologically for a teenager with leadership abilities.

He begins to be afraid to make mistakes even in small things, becomes more dependent on the opinions of others, and this is in principle characteristic of adolescence. And the worst thing is, in all this, he begins to lose himself.

How to develop leadership skills in a child
Now, how exactly do you raise a leader in a child?

Spend as much time as possible communicating with your child, and be interested in their Hobbies.
Respect the opinion of your child, and in controversial situations, learn to compromise and teach this child.
Develop the ability to speak in public – this skill is extremely important in the modern world as a whole.
Explain that defeats are normal, not everything always turns out the first time. If it doesn’t work out now, try starting over. And do not forget to praise the baby, it will help him to be patient and diligent.
Give your child more independence. Let him learn to make his own decisions, even in small ways, but plan his daily routine and so on. Guide, advise, and offer a few options, but don’t make a choice for him – this is the key to nurturing leadership skills.
The advice of psychologists on child-rearing – leader
To recognize and identify leadership qualities at an early age will help various games – it is in them, showing organizational skills, that future leaders are seen.
Ask educators and teachers how your child behaves when communicating with other children, maybe he shows some features-all this will help you understand the child better, and adjust your parenting methods and behavior towards him.
Keep the learning process under control, the opinion that the leaders are necessarily excellent students is incorrect. Children pay more attention to others, managing them, if you can say so, and learning can suffer from this.
Child support is very important, especially during school hours. Being a leader in the school team becomes difficult over time, and who but parents need to help their child overcome all these difficulties
What a child can’t do without is your love. And I won’t get tired of repeating it, because it’s the most important thing
Inspire your child to reach new heights!

Raising a child at 11 years old
How quickly children grow up. One of the most interesting, intense and at the same time difficult periods is adolescence. This is on average from 11 to 18 years old-boys…


Raising a child at 11 years old
How quickly children grow up. One of the most interesting, intense and at the same time difficult periods is adolescence. This is on average from 11 to 18 years old-boys…


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