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Adolescent depression: diagnosis and treatment

Depression is a word I hear quite often. at school, friends keep saying,”that’s it, I’m depressed.” I understand that often these are just words, so students can talk about their bad mood – got a d, quarreled with their parents, quarreled with friends … No one pays much attention to this.

I am 14 years old, I study in a normal school.

Recently, I thought about what real depression is, and decided to find out if there are people among my friends for whom it is not just words. After all, this is actually a very important topic. Noticing depression in a teenager, you can avoid a lot of disastrous consequences and in General, help a person.

Teenagers should know about this disease, do not waste words and help their friends in time, at least to draw their attention to the fact that something is wrong.. And parents even more so! Because you are the closest people to us, and you can help!

To sort it out. It turned out that depression is a serious diagnosis, and before setting it yourself, you need to accurately determine the presence of symptoms of depression in the child that he is experiencing. Unfortunately, I was able to find out that adolescent depression is a fairly common problem at the moment, and it is not so easy to cope with it.

According to the dictionary definition, depression is a mental disorder characterized by a decrease in mood and impaired thinking, a person loses the ability to feel joy.

Causes of adolescent depression
Children of different ages are prone to depression, but the period from 13 to 16 years is the peak for its occurrence. A teenager at this age is most susceptible and vulnerable. Everything that he did not pay attention to before can now hurt him greatly, leave an indelible mark on his self-esteem, and generally change his Outlook.

Reason #1 Offensive words.
For example, thrown in anger, offensive words of parents or an unsuccessful joke of a classmate or friend. And even worse-several guys at once.

I remembered how much discomfort I felt when my friends joked about my appearance. Although the jokes did not seem to be evil, but it was very offensive. The teenager begins to feel that something is wrong with him, he is somehow worse than others. This is the first step to the onset of depression. If such situations are repeated often, the condition gradually worsens, and may reach a real disease.

Parents, pay attention to the insistence in which the child returns from school! Whether he wants to communicate with friends, or something is confusing him. We don’t just talk about our problems. We are no longer small children and will not complain. But we need your help and understanding.

Reason #2. Exams and studies.
hard study
The most severe forms of depression in adolescents are manifested at the age of 15 years, because teenagers have to choose their profile direction and future profession. It is also associated with an early or already unsuccessful exam. Or with a negative exam experience.

One of my friends was so worried about the use, because the OGE was not very successful. It’s a good thing she did a great job this time. She was very strongly supported by her parents and friends, and last time – on the contrary – they scared her with bad grades.

Make conclusions which is more effective: to frighten or to support and inspire confidence in yourself?

Exams are actually a big problem for school children. I think it’s not even a difficult school curriculum, because you can learn anything you want. The cause of stress is the pressure of parents and teachers, often teenagers hear from the class teacher – “You will not pass anything, I’m sorry I only spent time on you.” Or my mother says: “If you don’t pass the exams, you will go to the courts, your whole life will go downhill.” Of course, teachers and parents are worried about us, do not want to intimidate anyone, they are important to our result, which is undoubtedly good. But please, not by such methods, words! When you feel fear, nothing, no knowledge just comes into your head! You start thinking about what you DON’t WANT and are AFRAID of. And we teenagers have a great imagination!

To be honest, even the courts are not afraid of revenge. I’m afraid to disappoint my parents.

Reason #3. Who to be.
Choice of profession, profile Oh my God, how scary it is!

Teenagers really have a feeling that the choice of a profile is a turning point in their life, a step aside – a shooting.

difficult choice of a teenager

There are fears: “what if I choose the wrong one? What if my profession doesn’t suit me?”A teenager has a passion for foreign languages, but he does not want to disappoint the parents of doctors, because they chose his profession from birth.

The conclusion is that in no case should you put pressure on a teenager who is already facing a serious test.

Parents, teachers, friends-well, support us! People change their jobs, don’t they? Tell us that it’s okay – everyone makes mistakes, give us the right to choose, tell us that you value us in any way, from any profession!

Symptoms and signs of depressive behavior
Signs of depression are different. This is a lack of interest in everything, passivity or aggression, as well as a sharp decrease in self-esteem. A teenager stops reacting to something that previously caused him positive emotions. Becomes extremely unemotional. This state can be called apathy.

Nothing pleases, I don’t want anything…

Types of depression
Signs of depression in teenagers can be completely different, depending on the temperament.

Often sociable and sociable teenagers appear indifferent to friends, friends and relatives. He may lose interest in a case that he used to like. Closed and shy teenagers are completely locked in four walls, they develop a fear of society, they can not be in society. Deep stages of depression can manifest as panic attacks – when the heart suddenly starts to beat strongly, you can’t do anything and it is difficult to breathe …

If you notice something like this in a teenager, pay attention to it from his relatives!

sad girl

Depression in boys and girls
Various manifestations of depression depend on the gender of the adolescent. Signs of depression in boys can be much more radical than girls ‘ depression.

Boys often vent negative emotions through alcohol and drugs. At first, they may use light drugs to dispel their sadness, but it may end in disaster. Desperate young men are prone to violence. Over people, animals, and even yourself. This is not only about causing physical injuries, but also about causing moral damage. Perhaps an aggressive teenager who is constantly trying to take a dominant position needs help himself, but he does it because he wants to hide his weakness, “grow up” in the eyes of others.

Teenage girls are more closed in their problems. Often symptoms of depression are expressed through radical changes in appearance, causing

self-harm. The development of complexes, self-doubt encourages girls to stand out, become the most popular, thin, beautiful. In adolescent girls, anorexia and RPP are particularly common.

I am in close contact with a person who has overcome anorexia. It was caused by inappropriate complexes. Girls are beginning to drive themselves into a narrower framework of behavior and appearance. The family just do not understand what happened to their sweet girl, where the fourth puncture in her ear came from, and why she does not eat anything.

In both cases, alcohol and drugs used by teenagers is a very serious problem. But this is only a consequence of the experiences that arise.

Conclusion one – do not put a cross if you see that a teenager behaves “badly”. Try to find the reason.

Treatment of depression
In General, in the best case, you need to consult a psychologist. In a severe stage of depression, only a specialist can help, it is better not to practice self-medication, and even more so (!!) don’t blame the teen for his problems. Believe me, this will only make the situation worse. Treatment of depression can also be carried out by medication, but it is used only in severe cases. There are special sessions of psychotherapy, where when working with a psychologist, the teenager gradually comes out of this state. You should consult your doctor and choose the appropriate course of treatment.

Help the teen find meaning.

Personally, I think that in the early stages of depression, in addition to working with a psychologist, you can keep a teenager busy.

There are such thoughts that you do not understand why you live. This question is of course philosophical, but it is worth narrowing its meaning to a certain period of time. Let the teenager do what he likes, then he will have goals and ambitions. Well, for example, the last week I live in order to play a good role in a new year’s play, win a dressage competition and dress up a Christmas tree at home. An aggressive teenager can go to sports to vent all their anger there. From panic attacks and stress helps communication with animals, I have tested this on myself. There are a lot of options: dog training, horse riding, and so on. Let a person have a goal, even if only for one week,but it will be.

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