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How to choose a profession for a child

At What age should you think about choosing?
For modern teenagers, choosing a profession is worth doing from the age of 14, before you should not start such “career guidance” in the full sense of the word. Here, by career guidance, I mean choosing a future profession, University or College. That is, a real definition of the sphere of future professional activity.

However, before sitting idle is also not worth it. The child should be helped to collect as much information about the world as possible, about their abilities and capabilities, without focusing on one thing.The more information he can get before this age, the easier it will be for him to choose a profession.
How do I know that a particular profession is suitable for a child?
First, the child’s interest. If they are motivated to do something, they are happy to attend classes and complete tasks without reminders – it is worth paying attention to this area, even if at first glance it seems to you “not serious”. So, it is easy to miss the passion for dogs. But cynology is a whole profession that has no less prospects than others.

Pay attention to which subjects at school are particularly easy for the child, even if it is physical education. Ask teachers and leading sections about the success of your child. And try to get the most complete information from teachers – what they get, and what they don’t, whether they see your child in the future in this area.

If the child has chosen a circle, asks to take them somewhere and try a new activity-always support them.

Should I attend any additional clubs and sections
If You have already identified certain skills of your child? Or is it better to stop and go in one direction?

It is worth looking at the desire of a teenager. If he is tired, and does not want to go anywhere else, of course, do not force. But still, childhood is a time to try everything and choose. In order not to “spread out”, not to run into resistance, and at the same time expand the sphere of interests of your son or daughter, you can pay attention to neighboring areas. For example, if you are good at vocals, then try acting. The LEGO craze is close to robotics. That is, it is worth expanding the child’s range of skills in a favorite direction. And even better – try to find a practical application of the talent. Send a” writing ” student to a journalism club, take part in robotics competitions, where you need to solve practical issues. This way your child’s talent will develop more comprehensively. Because no activity or profession consists of one bright feature. You always need a set of skills. And practice helps to develop them. That is, paying attention to the practical application of talent, you are not only engaged in “practical career guidance”. You develop additional skills that are simply necessary.

What to do if I don’t like what my child has chosen, is it worth insisting on my opinion
It is worth listening to the teenager and trying to understand. Do not impose anything. To live in the future with this profession is not for you, but for him. But parents, of course, have much more experience and understanding of life. If you have doubts about the profession that a teenager has chosen, it is worth sharing. If you want to offer something, don’t do it in a Directive way, it won’t help. In the form of a fascinating story, tell him about how you and your friends chose a profession, what problems you faced. Share professional stories about the work that the child wants to connect their life with. Help us consider all the pros and cons of the chosen profession. But try to look at this situation from the child’s point of view. So maybe you can change his mind.

But remember, this does not mean that ” the parent is always right.” Often children actually choose professions that suit them. Therefore, it is very important to listen to the child and pay attention to their opinion.

When do I need professional guidance from a specialist?
When you yourself can not come to an agreement in the family about what profession to choose for a teenager

When there is too much choice, it seems that you like a lot of things, but you can’t decide on a profession.

When you need additional diagnostics, you want to make sure that the choice is correct.

When a teenager does not want to talk to you about this topic, or you are trying to convey information to the student, but he does not hear you.

When you yourself are poorly versed in the market of professions, and do not know what to advise.

Features of career guidance, how it allows you to accurately determine the ability to the profession?

Our center has 2 options for career guidance. Individual and group. And for efficiency, it is important to understand which option is right for you.

Individual career guidance is fast, specific, and high-quality. Here it is convenient to make sure that the choice is correct, choose an educational institution, and diagnose a teenager. The result of this consultation is a detailed conclusion based on the child’s abilities, interests and educational opportunities for suitable professions.

Career guidance trainings allow you to try yourself in different roles, communicate with your peers, and be able to choose a profession. The guys understand the importance of this issue. Participants not only undergo diagnostics and understand their abilities. They can choose, and this is not just about the future specialty. There is a development of the skill to “choose” in principle.

It is also important to get information about what exists, who is doing what in order to make the right decision. It is also extremely useful to learn about the experience of choosing people who have passed it. This is also what we do in our course.
Classes are designed so that all participants actively communicate, share their experience, and this is very valuable. It is interesting that now a lot of children are already working, making websites, maintaining pages in social networks. networks, write articles-there are many options for part-time work for modern teenagers. If there are such guys in the group, they proudly tell how they are learning to earn money, what professions they have already mastered, how they found this part-time job, and other participants also take up the idea of practical application of their skills. After all, a rare teenager does not want to have their own money.

During the training, we discuss the professional experience of everyone, participants get a lot of ideas and incentives to develop, understand how interesting it is to be a professional. The training is designed so that participants receive information about professions not only from the coach, but also from other participants, their parents and other children.

Increased awareness, broadened horizons and General awareness. We pay most attention to working with family history. For this purpose, the training has a separate lesson. We are talking about the professions of parents. Children, sometimes with great surprise, learn about who their relatives work and what exactly they do.
Can I conduct career guidance on my own?
Of course you can. Now there are a lot of tests that can be passed on-line. But, first of all, it will be rather narrow information. And without interpretation, the results are not always clear. And second, it’s easy to get confused. Often children come to us who have already passed many tests on the Internet, received a lot of information, and in the end just got confused, they do not understand what professions they are predisposed to. Because they can’t put together and use this knowledge. After all, the real result of career guidance is the direction of professional activity chosen on the basis of abilities, aptitudes, interests and opportunities, and the recommended educational institutions where you can get this specialty.

Then everything becomes clear and understandable, when you know what profession will suit you, it is easier to make a plan for development, additional classes and understand what to pay more attention to.

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