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Career guidance for school children

There is no doubt that it is necessary to determine the profession. I want to choose the right UNIVERSITY, attend additional classes that will not only be interesting, but also benefit my future profession. Moscow provides unlimited opportunities for the development of schoolchildren. In turn, career guidance helps you use these opportunities correctly.

Here you will learn about the options for choosing a profession in Moscow, the pros and cons, about the features of choosing a profession in our center and about bad reviews about career guidance!

Choosing the right direction of development means:
Spend time and money correctly, investing them in the future of the student
Feel like a good parent and be confident in your actions
Give the child the opportunity to get the maximum pleasure from studying and additional classes – when the student’s education coincides with his abilities from being more successful, confident in himself, from studying and practicing with pleasure

Career guidance is important for students and their parents
There is still an important question-to decide where and how to pass vocational guidance to students.

In this article, we will look at possible ways of career guidance and figure out how to choose a high-quality program and specialist. There are several ways of career guidance: here you should choose depending on your time opportunities and the characteristics of the student.

There are individual, group, vocational guidance and testing. Which method is more suitable is up to you.

When should I go through individual career guidance?
When there is a specific issue that needs to be resolved quickly and accurately.
When a student is not inclined to engage in a group and feels constrained (in this case, you can conduct an individual lesson, and solve the issue of communication in communication training).
This method will allow you to get an answer about the choice of profession in a fairly short time. Moreover, the big plus is that the answer will be directly to your question.

During career guidance, participants, namely the student and parent are tested, then a conversation with a psychologist – career guidance. The features and capabilities of the child are identified, the family situation is analyzed, and as a result, you get an answer to the question what abilities to develop in a teenager, what training profile/UNIVERSITY/ additional classes to choose.

As a result, you get a psychologist’s opinion, which describes everything in detail and gives appropriate recommendations.

Individual consultations on the choice of profession in the center of K. O. T.
Features of career guidance in the group
If you have time to think, there is no urgency.
When a student communicates well in a team, he is interested in the opinion of other people
When you need to increase motivation to study, the level of awareness of actions.
Career guidance trainings in a group are another popular and, in our opinion, very effective option.

Here classes follow a specific program, participants can look at other students. And this is a reason to think more about your life, to understand that making a choice in time is important. Career guidance classes in the group are longer, and their main advantage is that each participant is in a state of choice, thinking about their future. That is, there is more awareness. This gives you the opportunity to imagine your future, feel its reality, and understand why you need to choose a profession.

Group career guidance is an interesting way to decide on a profession and get knowledge about them, better understand yourself and find new friends.

Also, after such trainings, students are more motivated to learn, because they begin to understand why they are studying, what will happen next with their knowledge and what they will do.

Training course on career guidance “My choice” in the center of K. O. T.

When should I choose online career guidance
There is no time for personal meetings or there is no such opportunity for other reasons.
Career guidance online is a modern convenient way to choose a profession for school children .

The world does not stand still, and today more and more people choose this option for diagnosing abilities. It can be preferred if you do not have time at all, or there are no good centers for vocational guidance for schoolchildren in Your city. This is a modern, convenient way to identify tendencies and get qualified advice. However, personal contact when making such a responsible choice is important, because if there are opportunities for a personal meeting, it is preferable.

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