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Career guidance for teenagers

How do you find out among the variety of professions in a world where specialties quickly become irrelevant, and the choice is so large?You need to choose a profession. It is never too late to do this. It is much better not to spend time and money on the” wrong ” education, but to decide correctly right away.

Stages of choosing a profession
Introduce children to the professions. A teenager should understand what qualities are needed for a particular position, what working conditions, mandatory requirements. More knowledge means more career guidance.DON’t follow the fashion. The pursuit of trends is relevant in the choice of clothing, and then not always. And in career guidance-it’s just harmful. You need to think: will there be a demand for this specialty? Will fashion create a surplus of staff? The conclusion is simple: you need to follow the desire, abilities of a teenager, not fashion.

Support. Don’t rush a teenager. Help him discover the world, notice his interests, but do not push, if necessary, change the mugs. Support him in any endeavors: it is important to try and understand that it is not yours, than then regret all your life that you did not try.

Money is not the main thing. Explain that no matter how high a salary he receives, if he does something he doesn’t like, money won’t bring much pleasure. A professional in any field can earn good money.Practice. Give a chance to try yourself, find out which groups of specialties are most interesting. Send it to specialized camps. If possible, let him try to work and train. This is a great experience.

The main thing is individuality. You must rely on your abilities and aptitudes. Here temperament, level of stress resistance and many other factors are important.
Features of adolescent career guidance

The choice must be:

Conscious. A teenager should understand what he wants to do. Enter the same specialty at the same time with a friend, studying because it is fashionable, or “they earn well” – external factors. There must be other reasons, internal reasons, why he wants to do this or that business, and they must be determined.

His own. Neither my mother’s dream, nor the tradition of my father’s family, in which all men become surgeons, should be the main motive for making a decision. Your dreams and plans are yours, give the teenager freedom, because it will determine his entire future life.

Based on their interests, abilities, and skills. Just because your child draws well does not mean that they need to study to be an architect. It could be a hobby. What if he’s a talented physicist but hasn’t figured it out yet? It is necessary to conduct more in-depth career guidance research, and not make superficial decisions.
Directions and methods of career guidance
There are many ways to choose a future specialty. Which one is convenient for you-decide!

What for? Quickly and easily determine the direction and personality characteristics. This method is not very reliable in itself. But when tests are used as a Supplement to career guidance, they are very useful, allowing the presenter to quickly navigate, test their theory, and make a high-quality conclusion.
Suitable for whom? To everyone. It is easy to fill out the test, but it is pleasant to read the results and learn about yourself.
Poles: fast, interesting, can be used independently, a good help for a professional career counselor.
Cons: if a teenager passes a lot of tests on their own, they can easily get confused. Because not all the results are easy to understand, and often different tests give conflicting information. Our training sessions were attended by teenagers with a” package ” of tests, which not only did not help them, but completely confused them.
Individual career guidance

What for? Quickly and efficiently determine the profession. In just a week (1 meeting + time to draw up a conclusion), you will receive detailed results with a description of personal characteristics, recommendations, similar Universities, or profile classes – on request.
Who is suitable for adolescent career guidance? Those who need to decide quickly and do not have time to think, as well as teenagers who feel more comfortable in individual classes than in a group training, where the format involves communication with other participants.
Pros: fast, clear, and safe. After receiving the conclusion, you can talk with the host and ask additional questions.
Cons: this format does not allow a teenager to be in a state of choice, and this is one of the important moments in choosing a profession. If only this format is suitable for you, it may be worth repeating the meeting after a while to “live” the results and “apply” them to yourself. And only then do the final conclusions.
You can get individual career guidance in the center of K. O. T.

Game training

What for? Expand the “map of professions” and understand what areas of activity or categories of professions exist. Try yourself in different professions, “live” the state of choice and learn the result. To arouse interest.
Suitable for whom? Sites of any age. Games can be adapted to the age peculiarities and give good results.
Positive. Game form, interesting format. A teenager, on the one hand, just plays a game, and on the other – gets useful knowledge, begins to think about what path in life he should go and what this choice will bring him. Also, the role of the host is important during the games. If the game is led by a professional coach, the participants, as well as their parents, receive deep feedback and a conclusion based on the results of the game (this is the format of games we practice in the center of K. O. T.)
Minuses. After all, the game is not career guidance. Trends and directions are clearly visible here, but there is no specific University, class, or College.
In the center of K. O. T. you can take part in the game ” Kaleidoscope of professions»

What for? Be in a state of choice, understand that it is important and learn to choose consciously. Determine the profession and training strategy.
Suitable for whom? Teenagers who feel good in a group. The format of the work involves obtaining knowledge, communication, and discussion of results. Those who need to decide on a profession and have time to think.
Positive. The student learns to choose consciously, to think (the duration of the training is 3 weeks). All this time, due to the training, there is an active accumulation of information, the search for yourself and your place.
Minuses. Training takes time. But this time is worth it to choose your future.
Features. Each training has its own characteristics and strengths.
For example, at the training “My choice” in the center of K. O. T. there is a class for children and parents, where we work with family history. Because it is still wrong to consider a teenager separately from the family. This activity, on the one hand, is an opportunity to convey to parents the true talents and desires of a teenager, and on the other – to show the child the peculiarities of his family and the capabilities of parents – what they can help, and what will have to rely only on their own strength. Sometimes they are very contradictory to the parent’s opinion. As a result, a full report is also issued and parents can communicate with the host and ask their questions.

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