How to find a common language

What to do if the child is always on the phone
Nomophobia-a disease of the 21st century Why can't children give up their smartphone? The student depends on the phone – what to do? Practical tips for parents from a child…

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How long can a child sit at the computer
Today, the topic of the child and the computer is becoming more relevant. The number of computer games and apps for children is growing. On the other hand, experts come…

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Time management for school children
What is time management? Translated from English, it means the art of time management. It is not enough to be able to manage time. It is important that your actions…

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Communication with a teenager-tips for parents

How to communicate with a teenager-tips from a psychologist
The question of how to communicate with teenagers is important to many parents. After all, these are no longer children, but not yet adults. How to find a common language with them, to agree, to be able to grow a real personality. Who better to tell how to communicate with adolescent children than they are?

Our young author, Elizabeth, 14 years old, shared her thoughts on this issue. And the coach of the center K. O. T. – their experience and practical recommendations for parents.

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Conflicts between parents and children

Conflicts between parents and children are always very unpleasant. They often create a tense atmosphere at home, lead to long-term resentment and deterioration of family relations. In this article, we will look at the most common causes of conflicts between parents and teenagers. You will learn why the conflict occurs and how to behave in this situation. Also, our psychologist, Natalia Lomilina, will give practical advice on how to develop independence in the child and teach him to do homework to cope with homework without unnecessary reminders, while not quarreling and maintain good relations with your favorite child. Continue reading

What to do if a teenager is lying

An honest article by a teenager about the reasons why a child is lying and tips on how to behave to parents so that family relations are honest.

I’m sure everyone hates being lied to. Even if a stranger lied during a minute-long conversation. It is all the more offensive to hear a lie from a loved one, and from your own child – the most offensive. So I really understand parents who lie-it hurts and hurts. Continue reading

Career guidance for teenagers

How do you find out among the variety of professions in a world where specialties quickly become irrelevant, and the choice is so large?You need to choose a profession. It is never too late to do this. It is much better not to spend time and money on the” wrong ” education, but to decide correctly right away.

Stages of choosing a profession
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What to do if the child does not want to help their parents around the house

A child does not want to help their parents at home: 5 tips from a psychologist
Why do you need children to help?
Help your mother-she is tired and wants to reduce the load by distributing responsibilities among all family members.
Fostering independence – in the future, a child who likes to help around the house is likely to be able to easily take care of themselves. Continue reading

Children's career guidance
It is not surprising, but only at a younger age, children can tell with full confidence about the place of their future work. And then begins the "cycle of professions…


Conflicts of adolescents
Adolescence is a difficult time for both the parent and the child. Conflicts between parents and teenagers are not infrequently reflected in all further relationships. In this article, we will…


Poor memory in a child
Poor memory in children is not uncommon. What should parents do if they notice problems with their child's memory? First, we should say that this is not a verdict, as…


An insecure child
Uncertainty – where it comes from Its signs can be seen at any age, in adults and children. This is the fear of taking any action because of doubts about…