How to find a common language

Aggressive behavior of teenagers
Teenagers are one of the groups most affected by the problem of aggression. Why is this happening? There are many hypotheses about where the aggressive behavior of teenagers comes from.…

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Professions for children
One of the most important tasks of a person is to realize himself. Most people define a profession in their Teens, but in order for the choice to be correct,…

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Computer addiction in adolescents
What is computer addiction? Psychologists often make such a diagnosis as computer addiction in teenagers, which can be compared to drug addiction. What are the main signs of this disease?…

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How to choose a profession for a child

At What age should you think about choosing?
For modern teenagers, choosing a profession is worth doing from the age of 14, before you should not start such “career guidance” in the full sense of the word. Here, by career guidance, I mean choosing a future profession, University or College. That is, a real definition of the sphere of future professional activity.

However, before sitting idle is also not worth it. The child should be helped to collect as much information about the world as possible, about their abilities and capabilities, without focusing on one thing.The more information he can get before this age, the easier it will be for him to choose a profession. Continue reading

The child does not want to learn: what parents should do

For most parents, clearly, the success of the child is important: its development and progress. But, as you know, everything is not always as smooth as we would like. In this article, we will look at the causes of poor academic performance and ways to solve this problem.
The entry of a child into the first grade is a new stage of growing up, where your child learns independence. And one of the frequent traps is the desire of a parent to ease the struggle with difficulties: to collect a portfolio, do lessons for it. This is one side of the question. Continue reading

Career guidance for school children

There is no doubt that it is necessary to determine the profession. I want to choose the right UNIVERSITY, attend additional classes that will not only be interesting, but also benefit my future profession. Moscow provides unlimited opportunities for the development of schoolchildren. In turn, career guidance helps you use these opportunities correctly.

Here you will learn about the options for choosing a profession in Moscow, the pros and cons, about the features of choosing a profession in our center and about bad reviews about career guidance! Continue reading

Encouragement and punishment of children

Why is it important to talk about punishments?
The question of punishing children in the family sooner or later rises before every parent. That is why we decided to approach this topic as a team, listen to everyone and draw conclusions.

There can be a huge number of opinions about encouragement and punishment.

“I grew up, and I was beaten with a belt, but everything was clear”, so you need to beat;
Complete absence of not only physical punishments, but any punishments at all; Continue reading

How to punish a teenager

The issue of punishing teenagers is a hot topic for many parents. After all, a teenager is not yet an adult, but not a child anymore. How to influence it, how to react to incorrect behavior, bad grades?

The answers to this question are usually sought from psychologists.

But it is one thing to give recommendations, and another – to live in your family, build relationships with your children, and solve the same “urgent” parental issues. Continue reading

Why does a child not want to tell their parents about their problems and school
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How to choose a profession for a child
At What age should you think about choosing? For modern teenagers, choosing a profession is worth doing from the age of 14, before you should not start such "career guidance"…