How to find a common language

How to help your child become confident
In the modern world, there are often situations when parents see that the child closes in on himself, he has problems with self-esteem, communication and Hobbies, and not only. All…

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Psychology of children 12 years old
What happens to a child at the age of 12: age features At 12, the child Matures and is formed as a person. Its psychology is characterized by the fact…

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Education of 15-year-olds
Each period of a person's life is unique. Adolescence is no exception. In this article, we will help you better understand your child. This is the right way to restore…

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How long can a child sit at the computer

Today, the topic of the child and the computer is becoming more relevant. The number of computer games and apps for children is growing. On the other hand, experts come up with many options for how to control the number of hours a child spends on the computer.

Today we will talk about the time that you can devote to using the gadget. What standards exist for children’s health and how to monitor their compliance.

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Time management for school children

What is time management?
Translated from English, it means the art of time management.

It is not enough to be able to manage time. It is important that your actions are effective.

Thanks to time management, you can learn to use your time wisely and work more productively.

Time distribution and what does it have to do with school children
Anyone needs to learn how to plan their time. You need to learn time management. Just take it for granted. Why? It’s very simple.

The human brain is so designed that if we just “keep in mind” the right things, some of them we transfer to later. Continue reading

Aggressive behavior of teenagers

Teenagers are one of the groups most affected by the problem of aggression.

Why is this happening?

There are many hypotheses about where the aggressive behavior of teenagers comes from.

Discussions and research on the nature of adolescent aggression have been particularly active in recent years, and there remains a large layer of unresolved issues. Continue reading

What to do if the child is always on the phone

Nomophobia-a disease of the 21st century
Why can’t children give up their smartphone?
The student depends on the phone – what to do?
Practical tips for parents from a child psychologist.
Tablets, phones and other gadgets have become so much part of our lives that we no longer remember what it was like before. And the children just don’t know it. What should I do if my child is constantly stuck on the phone?
A teenager does not understand how to manage time without a gadget. Continue reading

Parent resource-where can I take care of myself and my child during quarantine?

Today, Russia and the world have a difficult situation in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. A quarantine has been declared, children have been transferred to home schooling, and parents are working from home. Psychologists of the center of K. O. T. conducted a broadcast in order to support parents and give practical advice on how to properly build relationships in the family in this new situation for all.

The psychologists of the center of K. O. T.-Natalia Lomilina, Anna B Gorskaya, Maria Gololobova and Natalia Vizer on March 27 held a broadcast on this topic to discuss important topics and support parents. Continue reading

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